Children And Gout

If you are one of many people who suffer from gout, then chances are that you've heard people saying that the is the disease of kings and that the cause of it is too much beer and rich food. This can lead people to thinking that their kids are not at risk from gout, as I'm quite sure your kids don't drink a lot of beer. One of the causes of gout is the increase of uric crystals around your joints. Mostly this will start to show itself in your big toe, from here it can travel around your body causing more damage as it goes. It doesn't matter that you could be very young and consider yourself not at risk from gout, you are not too young to feel the pain that gout attacks bring.

Over the past twenty years, kids have changed in the way they eat, drink and exercise. Computers and fast food have more of an influence which means they spend less time doing outdoor exercise and playing sports. Processed foods and drinks tend to form most of a kid's diet which is not good for them. Kids do not care to drink much normal water which would be much better for them. The intake of soda drinks, especially those which contain high levels of fructose can lead to the levels of uric acid in the body being increased. Consequently, gout cases have also increased over recent years.

Whereas in previous years, gout has been referred to as a disease for kings. Soda drinks have become very popular, therefore cases of gout have also increased. The amount of gout attacks suffered by a person can be reduced if the right kind of diet is put in place. This isn't really a difficult thing to do if you can remain focused.

However it is only natural that the older we get, the more we get into a routine of what to eat which can often make it difficult to stick to a new diet. If you think about your children's diet not only as far as it affects them now but also the habits that you are helping them form for the rest of their lives then you will realize that avoiding drinks or foods which are high in fructose is a good move. We are all trying to squeeze too much work or to many chores into too short a day so often the shopping trip for food for the whole family can become a very rushed affair, add to the time constraint a child who doesn't want to be there and one shopping trip can give you enough of a headache for a week. Gout prevention for the entire family should start with how you do your food shopping. Not buying foods that contain large amounts of fructose can make a big difference, as can avoiding foods which are high in uric acid creating chemicals. If you don't buy them in the first place, then neither you or your children can eat them.

Not only are you less likely to start suffering symptoms of gout, you are also helping to avoid other diseases such as diabetes.

You need to remember that gout is a problem which can hurt you whether you are young or old. But the original problems can start from when you are a child. There are however some very good forms of gout treatment which can help you.

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