Gay Trucker Questions

GAYTRUCKER QUESTIONS! Thru the years of running various Gay Trucker related sites that I own. I have had numerious questions about how you properly cruise a trucker. Or how you properly pick a trucker up. For years, The Rest areas and Truck Stops have been cruisey. Many states are clamping down on this. The main reason is cause most men are ( CRUISING WRONG! ) and ruining it for everyone else.

We all have to keep in mind that a Truck Stop or a Rest Area is a place of public. What this means is, While you do your cruising there is , kids with there family at the Truck stop, ETC and a certain measure of expertese and practice needs to take place to ( PROPERLY CRUISE ) these places. And most importantly, So you dont get ( ARRESTED! ).

And second most importantly, so you do not disturb travelers passing thru that are not involved on what your trying to do. Keep in mind that everyone will have there own theory and method as to how to cruise a Gay Trucker. But one thing is a given, that there is also a ( WRONG ) way wich could lead to problems!. You need to first figure out how to establish contact! Flashing your dam genitals on the highway is not really the ( PROPER ) way.

In fact , that method could get you arrested! Eye contact is one of the most important things. This method of cruising will work in almost any establishment, or anywhere you so choose to use this method. And its legal! Your simply looking at someone. If this person continues to look back, giving you the idea that he may be interested, At this point then perhaps make your eye contact even more obvious. It does not hurt to go up and say ( HELLO ) to someone to. Use safe and proper judgement with this!.

This method ( EYE CONTACT ) works well in bars for the most part. After all cruising is not just for truckers. It happens everywhere you turn , Humans are a ( animal ) according to science. This means when we are attracted to someone out of common instinct we will stare at someone. Its only NORMAL!. Get a CB!, For decades this has been a popular method to ( ESTABLISH ) contact with a GayTrucker.

Some men use the DOUBLE CLICKING OF THE MIC method on the cb then may say ( 21 ) or another channel. The other is hoping someone will follow them to that channel then a private conversation takes place on the CB! Some use the method of Tapping the Brake lights in a rest area, or the dome light. This method may cause unwanted others noticing you.

Or possibly the cops. So use this method at your own risk. Most importantly, Do not get overboard with the tapping of brake lights and dome lights.

DO NOT!: Expose your self to a trucker or anyone for that matter. Unless your in the privacy of his bunk!. This is a very RISKY way to cruise and as stated above. Could get you ( ARRESTED! ). Keep in mind that there is just as many men or ( truckers ) out there that will bust you as there is that want to meet up with you. Due to this scenario you need to ( PROPERLY ) cruise and not bother others that are not cruising or looking for the same thing your looking for.

There is also many other methods of cruising, Some less risky and others more risky. Most importantly, If you go out there and cruise. Always have your guards up, Do not make stupid judgements or moves. If you do it properly, The worse thing that can happen is a cop may ask you to leave but cant arrest you.

Remember the first paragraph!, EYE CONTACT is only human in nature!, and most certainly not illegal. The other matters noted in this article are of coarse ways to cruise but I do not support these methods as it would be un ethnical for me to state I support those methods, since they are a hair risky.

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