How To Stop Break a Up

Relationship break-ups seem to take one of two directions; one is a bittersweet path and the other filled with anger, meanness and revenge, a bitter path. The bittersweet path is a path of pain but often the pain is the result of physical absence. Each person moves on and there is not the same level of communication in person, by phone or through mutual friends. There is a feeling of aloneness, a longing to hear the other's voice and there are constant reminders of the relationship throughout the day. There was no big explosive, angry scene only the recognition the relationship was not good for the couple. There was mutual agreement and a willingness to accept the pain of loss in a spirit of well wishing through quiet tears, they need to travel separate paths as their relationship comes to Y is the road.

There is a tendency to renew the relationship on the part of one or perhaps both parties and sometimes they may try again but soon realize it is not working for them. They go their separate ways and choose to seek new relationships. They often remain friends and enjoy spending time together or chatting on the phone. They share their successes and failures in their new lives. The bittersweet break-up is healthy, because their relationship was healthy. Bittersweet break-ups result when two mature people value their relationship yet realize their future is heading in different directions.

The break-up, which takes the path of anger, blaming, revenge and a desire to hurt the person who decided to break-up, is a bitter path and a sign of an unhealthy relationship. When one asks the question, how do I get my ex-wife or ex girl friend back, the first response is to determine the type of relationship existing before the break-up. An immature relationship is an unhealthy relationship and the anger, blaming, revenge and desire to hurt back was no doubt part of the relationship otherwise these behaviors would not be present in the break-up. Therefore, one needs to take a long and hard look at the relationship and decide if there is hope for change on the part of both parties. Will a renewed relationship bring more of the sick behavior previously present in the relationship? In considering the steps to take in renewing a broken relationship, one has to determine why the relationship is worth salvaging and whether it is a reasonable and logical step to take.

A very basic question is how did the relationship help me become a better person? If, you cannot find a number of ways in which the relationship led you and the other person to become better people then think again, do you want your ex back? If you want your loved one back here is what you should do: a) be a real man do turn atraction on her b) don't seek her too much because humans tend to wish what seems impossible or very difficult to have c) date other women so you don't be too available. If your relationship still can be saved, this will make your ex jealous and you can take advantage of this to get her love back. There are some others things to do, but there is not space here to continue.

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