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So, if you're the one who thinks that the Russian bride is an ideal image of wife, you'll find this article very useful. Especially, if you decided to leave your homeland to find the lady of your dreams. .

Well, first of all I must say something about the whole traveling thing. Today it's easier for you, guys, to come to Russian or Ukraine to meet your future wife than to get a visa to US for a single lady. . .

So, if you've made a decision to come to Russia for a «bride search», the best way will be to use some matchmaking service to help you. All these dating agencies usually have an option like a tour for the clients AND they usually take care of an appartment for you and they can arrange you a meeting with the girls from their dating site, and they usually help with translation. Of course, you can use some travel agency to help you with the traveling, but the dating agency will know your specific needs concerning your stay in the country, so this is preferable.

.Also, if you decided to do everything by yourself, you should in account the financial possibilities of the Russian bride you're going to meet. You can send her money for travel expenses or you can send a ticket that you have purchased, so that you may get the refund yourself once the plan fails. Make sure that everything is planned right and it'll be done correctly. Your potential bride should already have a passport for foreign travel or else it will take about 2-3 months for her to get it. .

I must also warn you about the scams. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of beautiful and kind girls in Russia and other FSU countries, you can meet some women who will try to take advantage of you as you're a foreigner. They usually take money only, but sometimes it goes futher and the girl can pretend that she loves you and then after the two years of your marriage she can get a divorce and take much money from you.

.So, back to Russia :). There are lots of different events to attend in the Russian cities, and you won't be bored. You should discuss with the girl, you're going to meet, what she would like to see and do and how she would like to spend time with you in getting to know you better. A mix of social activities combined with dining alone will help you get to know each other in the different situations. .

In case you decide to marry, I'm sure you'll want your future wife to move to your hometown. If you are the US citizen the best way for you and you beloved one is to get a fiancee visa. But here are many things that you must do for it. .In your visa business you can go several ways. The first and the best one is to hire a good attorney to do that for you.

Of course, it will cost much but you'll bring your bride to US very fast, and the attorney's success has the 99% guarantee. If you don't want to pay muh for that you can do it by yourself. You'll have to fill in some papers and forms, but be careful if something is not done perfect it will cause delays. .And most important advice for you - there is a lot of information about Russian dating, so you just have to look around and ask questions. Information is power, so use it to your best advantage.

Oksana Boichenko
OksanaLove, Inc.
The matchmaker with 12 years of experience in the online dating business. You can find your second half ? just visit our dating site and meet your Russian bride among the thousands of beautiful Russian women.

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