Some Things People May Lie About When They Go On A Date

The best relationships are based on honesty and loyalty but unfortunately everyone does not have these qualities. Most people who enjoy bragging and boasting will tell some lies in the process. In this article I will focus on some things that people may lie about when they go on a date.

Many people will often lie about their level of education, a person may say they have a bachelors degree or a master's degree but they do not. A person will do this because they believe this will make them appear to be smarter than they are in the eyes of their date. Some people will lie about their occupation, a person will do this if they are ashamed of what they do for a living, or if they are trying to impress their date. Some people will lie about their marital status, a married person may say they are single because they would like to have an extramarital affair with a single person. Sometimes a person will lie about the amount of children they have, a person may have children but they may say they do not have any children. A person will usually do this because they believe that if they told the truth it will ruin their chances of having a relationship with their date.

Some people will lie about where they were born and raised, people who are ashamed of their roots will often lie about where they are from because they believe their date will lose interest if they told them the truth. There are certain people who will lie about the number of previous marriages they have had. This is something that people feel compelled to lie about because there are many people who will not consider dating someone who has been married many times. People may also lie about the following personality traits, a person may say they are down to earth, outgoing, and laid back when they are not. A person will lie about this because they believe these are some of the personality traits of their date, and they are trying to convince the person that they are compatible. Some ex-convicts may lie if you ask them if they have ever been convicted of a felony? A person will lie about this because they believe their date will not be interested in dating a convicted felon.

This is a list of some common things people may lie about when they are on a date. Many relationships that were started based on lies may end when the truth comes out.

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