The hit TV series shows how to deal with a teenagers

Television has been one of the powerful medium in terms of information sharing. We all know that majority of the viewers today are teens. And so, most of the TV series aired today are related to teen wants and desires. Mostly it dwells on life stories about family, friends, schools, opposite sex relationship and other issues about a life of a teenager.

The Hit TV Series now emerges as one of the source of information that deals with a life of a kid and a teenager, not only contains drama but also contains a sense of humor which has been a magnet to teenagers. The Hit TV series "Gossip Girl" is one of the most widely viewed series by teens today. The story was based on a book series authored by Cecily Von Zeigler which talks about a high school wants, desires and behaviors. The "Gossip Girl" shows a life of a teenager living in glamour with a twist of teenage problems like abortion, addiction, murder, mental instability and self-loathing. The series shows a real social life of teens which made "Gossip Girl" impressive to teens.

Studies shows that teens love to watch TV series and shows because it is the easiest way for them to get information through advertisement and promos. According to survey, most of them choose to watch "Gossip Girl" then "Pushing Daisies" by ABC as their second choice. 70% of the teens watch Hit TV series everyday and 21% of them records it on DVR, VCR or DVD and watch it anytime they want. Adult animation like a staple of Fox's Sunday Night lineup have become teen's most favorite animation series.

And when they were ask about a TV series that they want to be on TV again, they choose 'CBS's' "King of Queens". This series became hit because it gives satisfaction to teen wants and desires. Another TV series 7th Heaven was also dedicated for teens.

It shows the good and bad times of a large Camden family. This series is good for the whole family which deals mostly about teenage rebellion and rivalry among siblings. Social problems and those difficult situations among kids and teens as they grow up are also being tackled in the series. This is one great series that can be watch by the whole family specially those who have teenagers with them. You will definitely enjoy the movie like how you enjoy watching Everwood and Gilmore Girls. This Hit TV Series for teens today has been a mania.

Teenagers all over the globe have been hooked up to watch this hit TV series because they made it to be popular and are watch regularly. They show stories of real life that any teenager could relate and somehow give them an idea on how to deal with their life as a teenager.

Teenagers are really more meticulous these days. This is why TeenWants ( hopes to bring teens all around the world together and let them experience everything positive and enriching. Monika Gupta writes for is the place for games, video, music, shopping, fitness, entertainment and even job opportunities for teens. Check out ( for prizes and games as well!

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